Residents’ Information

Rubbish Collection

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If you expererience any issues with the service levels provided by Biffa Waste Management, you can contact them via the details below:

Biffa Waste Management c/o SODC, 01235 422 422

Bus Service

X38/X39/X40 Bus timetable

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Village Maintenance


Nuneham Courtenay is a village of conservation with Grade II Listed status.  This covers the aesthetics of the properties and should be maintained to this historic standard.


Doors & Shutters: Sandstone
This is a very specific colour and over the years previous tenants have applied similar but not exact colours which has resulted in a loss of integrity in the appearance of the buildings.


We kindly request that when painting your Doors & Shutters, that you use:
Top Coat, Sandstone: DULUX Trade 08B17 High Gloss
Undercoat, Light Grey: DULUX Trade 3078


Window Frames: White
It is recommended to use DULUX White High Gloss.